Rap Genius Google Search Results: Back on Page 1

Rap Genius is once again displaying on the 1st page of google search results at least for their own name, signaling that some sort of deal must have been struck with Google. After initially being banned by Google for spammy SEO tactics, you had to dig through six pages of google results to find a link to their website.

The screenshot below shows google search results as of this morning. Rap Genius has two links on the first page of google search results:

rap genius google


Search results from last week:


While these results show that Rap Genius is clearly working with Google to repair some of the damage from the ban, in no way does it indicate that they’re out of the Google doghouse. These are search results just for their company name, which typically would show up in the number 1 position.

Initial estimates from the ban show Rap Genius losing 80% of their search traffic. It will be interesting to watch this unfold and see how much progress they make with Google. This is a very public case of SEO gone wrong and I’m sure everyone in the digital marketing world is keeping close tabs on how Google deals with Rap Genius over the long haul.

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