Recession Proof What Does That Mean?

· Why is everyone talking about recession?

· How did it start, why are we here, and where is it going to take us?

That’s what we will talk about today, why America is in recession? Did you know the rich and wealthy think opposite of normal every day people? We have been trained in our school systems to work for money, and those who are rich teach their children how to have  money work for them. We go buy a car, and put it on credit and then figure out how were going to pay for it.  The rich or wealthy go buy an asset, like an apartment building or something, that pays them cash every month, or  they call it cash flow from the asset.  That cash flow would pay for that new car the rich person wanted. To the rich  person they never think about price because someone else is paying for that car they just got.  Were you taught to buy things, or assets, that would pay for the things you want, or were you taught to work hard for the things you wanted?  So the recession will really do nothing to  affect the rich or wealthy people in this world. But the poor and middle class are the ones the recession is hitting the hardest, because we have never been taught how to have  money work for us.

Why is it that people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki  are trying to teach the middle class that we have to change our mindset? Just think about this! That if we have 52 million baby boomers that are getting Social Security and each one gets $1000 a month how much is that bill every month for the government? The problem is the government trained our parents that if they worked hard their whole life the government would pay them in retirement through Social Security.  Will it be there for you, or will Social Security be gone, then what would you do?  That’s why we are talking about wealth on this blog and this is what Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump are telling us we have to learn what the rich know to change America.

Everyone on the net is selling you something to recession proof your income, but you still have to work at it. You can by a hundred e-books  or you can by a hundred programs, but if you don’t work them you will not get anywhere, and instead of recession proofing your income you’ll just be giving it away. I think everyone needs help with Gas prices and Food because of fuel prices. So be careful and know that if you buy all programs that you must work at  them to make money.  We have created this, because of unions and over pricing labor, but we were forced to because of inflation. That is why everything is made some where else, because labor in America is too high, and if the truth be known we would not like it. I do not want to blame anyone because it all started years before we were here, but our forefathers did the best they could now it’s our turn.

So what can we do, but start thinking together and learn how to put money to work for each of us and start changing our mind sets. Because if I want a retirement, I need to create it through passive income, or have money work for me to give me a cash flow to live on the rest of my life.

Source by Bill Leahy

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