The Revolutionary App That Could Help Save Lives

A new app that is being introduced to the world is one that could help save thousands of lives. It is called Ryan’s Angels and its technology will alert those closest to the user when they have just been involved in an accident or find themselves in grave danger.

There is a “golden hour” after the human body has been through a traumatic experience. This refers to a time period lasting for one hour, or less, following injury being sustained by a casualty or medical emergency, during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death. It is well established that the patient’s chances of survival are greatest if they receive care within a short period of time after a severe injury.

A smart algorithm keeps an eye on the user and their environment. When the app is running on the smartphone, it will continuously monitor your location, movement speed, forces of acceleration and various data from other sensors. The app uses that information to detect situations that would indicate that the user has been in an accident. The last known location and other vital information is automatically sent to five “guardian angels”, who can call the user and notify first responders if there is no response. These angels are chosen from the user’s contacts when the app is being set up.

In case of a false alarm the app may evaluate your fall as an accident, users can cancel and stop the notification from being sent to your angels by tapping the ‘I am OK’ button within the preset time limit.

The technology behind this is extensive and it’s all from the mind of Aram Kovach. He is a multi-lingual professional engineer who has made a career of pioneering emerging technologies. Kovach was moved and felt the need to create the app after a close friend of his Reed Williams, experienced the tragic loss his son Ryan who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

“If we can help save just one life and one parent from having to go through what my friend Reid went through, it’s all worth it,” explains app creator, Aram Kovach.

Ryan’s Angels is now available to download for FREE through Google Play.

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