Ryan Kavanaugh Introduces New Entertainment Agency

Ryan Kavanaugh, the CEO of Relativity Media, announced last week that they will be launching a new branded entertainment agency called Madvine. According to Kavanaugh, “We’re not building a campaign in the traditional sense. This is a relationship where we continue to test new ideas, measure the effectiveness and look for new ways to disrupt the old model together.”

This new agency will operate in-house and will effectively manage marketing campaigns. The goal is get more brands featured in more films. For example, Madvine’s first client is Evian. Evian will be featured in the upcoming movie “The Best of Me” based on a book by Nicolas Sparks.

Kavanaugh feels it is important to include their clients in on the early stages of production. According to Kavanaugh, “Evian is in the room with us. They’re in there when we’re developing our scripts for film and television, and they’re in there with us creating strategy for our other businesses. And that is completely unprecedented.”

Kavanaugh is adamant that his model will be the future of brand marketing. Angela Courtin, the President of Madvine, saw the need to offer clients new options in branding and marketing. She is advocating the use of a new medium to effectively reach the target audience and accomplish the objective of the brand.

Courtin stated in a recent interview, “I think that everyone sees the pressure that we’re having in terms of traditional media, so for brands to breakthrough, it’s a blending of arts and science.” Courtin went on to say, “Understanding the consumer, what’s the right film? Who’s the right star? What’s the right moment to connect?”

Courtin also asserts this is more than just brand placement. “It’s not about making sure that you’re looking at the logo. It’s about how you can be authentically woven into the story.” Courtin and Kavanaugh both feel they are working at the forefront of a new marketing movement.

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