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An important factor for Search Engine Marketing Solutions is Keyword Research. In fact keyword research is sometimes overlooked and often thought to be one of the most important factors. If you do not gain skills in keyword researching effectively then all of your efforts online may be for nothing.

There is no point spending weeks or months building a fantastic website all about a topic no-one wants to know about and no-one ever looks for online. Your precious time is wasted and these types of failures can cause you to become disheartened.

Effective keyword research tools can tell you what niches and keywords are making tons of money online, what the competition level is for those niches and keywords and gives you all the information and data you need to make good and profitable decisions.

There are a number of keyword research tools available online, some are free to use and others are paid.

Free Keyword Research Tools.

Of the free resources available I would recommend using the Google Keyword Tool. To find and access this tool just type in Google Keyword Tool External into your search engine and the first result should be the Google Keyword Tool External. From there you just enter the capcha text and then type in your keyword into the box as directed.

This will give the similar results for your keyword and give you information relating to the competition, amount of global and local monthly searches and trends. You can also add additional columns to give further information like the estimated average cost per click, the current ad share and the current search share.

If you don’t understand any of these terms that’s easy to fix. Google is renowned for their easy to learn informational pages and Google also have great support for their customers.

Paid Keyword Research Tools.

There are many options for paid keyword research also. There are some sites that allow access by a monthly fee and some are a once of fee. That is that you pay a one time fee that allows you access indefinitely and you will also get free lifetime updates. The best of these is Market Samurai. They do have a one of fee, which is very competitive and also offers free lifetime update and upgrades.

There are many options for research with Market Samurai and when you first download the software it can be a little confusing. Thank goodness for the Market Samurai support, help desk and videos that walk you through step by step so that you can not only see what you competition is doing but you can also take effective measures to be better placed in your Search Engine Marketing Solutions.

Market Samurai offers daily search information data on generic or organic traffic in the following ways:

  • Local Total Searches.
  • Local SEO Traffic.
  • Phrase to Broad Match.
  • Trends.

They then give you options for AdWords traffic and information.

  • AdWords Traffic.
  • AdWords Click Through Rate.
  • AdWords Average Cost Per Click

Yes it gets better, Market Samurai also give you detailed data on your competition.

  • SEO Competition.
  • Local SEO Competition.
  • SEO Title Competition.
  • Local SEO Title Competition.
  • Title Vs Competition % (low score indicates weak competition)
  • AdWords Competition (for a particular keyword or phrase)

There is still one more factor that you need to know if you are thinking of developing a website for profit, you need to know if your keyword is commercial? Is the keyword you are focusing on commercially viable, does it make money? Market Samurai have you covered here too with data provided in the following categories.

  • OCI % (percentage of people who are looking to buy on this keyword).
  • AdWords Value (the amount spend daily on this keyword in AdWords advertising – High AdWords spend indicates a highly commercial keyword).
  • SEO Value (what is the average spent on this keyword every day)

The example offered above is just the keyword research module of Market Samurai. They also have many other highly useful and effective modules included in the software such as:-

  • Rank Tracker – you can track your keyword with in your site to see it as it climbs the Google Rankings. This allows you to also make necessary changes if your keyword is not ranking optimally.
  • SEO Competition – Analytical page that allows you to see the top 10 websites ranking on page 1 of Google so you can see what you need to do to compete with the top 10 sites.
  • Domains Section – check the viability and availability of domain names using your specific keywords.
  • Monetization – Thousands of products related specifically to your keyword that you can sell on your website as an affiliate.
  • Two Content sections – Actually see what your competitors are doing and how their content is ranking.
  • Promotion – All about Backlinking. How to promote your website by adding relevant and useful comments to other peoples websites, blogs and 2.0 webpages to ensure relevant and high quality backlinks to your site.

There is still another module that is due to be added soon to Market Samurai which is going to focus more closely on AdWords.

In summary we have looked at keyword research and the research tools you can use to help you get great results. You do not need to rush out and buy a paid keyword tool when you are first starting out. However, there is benefit to investing in a good quality keyword research tool when you are stepping it up an notch and want to make internet marketing your full time income.

A good keyword research tool, such as Market Samurai, will help give the data that you need to successfully compete with the top 10 sites and give you all the information you need to be competitive online. So above is some helpful information about Search Engine Marketing Solutions – Keyword Research.

Source by Bev Langford

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