Shopify Expands Services with Mobile Payment and Inventory App

Shopify is an Ottawa-based company that offers online payment solutions for users. Shopify successfully raised $100 million in order to expand their services. As part of this effort, they recently launched the U.S. Shopify mobile app.

The Shopify mobile app allows users, regardless of whether they run a virtual business or a brick-and-mortar business, to operate using a free credit card reader. Shopify will also allow users to manage inventory directly from their iPhone. This app is the answer too many of the reasons people are hesitant to utilize the mobile payment methods previously available. Shopify users will be able to manage inventory, process orders and create receipts; all from their iPhones.

Shopify is currently only available for iPhone users, but the company is actively working towards expanding their current offering to all smart phone users. The new Shopify mobile payment app provides direct and significant competition for Square, which has been the most versatile and comprehensive mobile payment option available.

Shopify has already made a name for itself within the retail sphere. Adding the mobile payment option is just the newest addition to their services. Shopify has gained support from users due to its convenience in allowing users to handle inventory and orders from their desktop, smartphone and tablet. The interaction is seamless and there are no issues with responsiveness. The new app will allow users to manage inventory and handle logistics in real-time.

Currently, the app has only been released in the U.S., and as stated earlier, it has only been released for the iPhone. While there are no clear additional release dates, Shopify does assert they will be releasing a version of the app for Androids, as well as in other countries. Shopify has been received very well, and they believe this newest improvement will attract retail owners that may have been on the fence in the past. The versatility and convenience are the primary selling points of their system.

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