Small Business Digital Marketing Trends

Staying up on the most recent trends in digital marketing may seem overwhelming, but for a small business to grow and thrive in the current market, it’s essential. Owning a small business is hard, especially in a global economy where literally anything you could want is only a click away. The good news is that there are so many great options out there to help you market your business, particularly on a local level.

Here are some digital marketing trends that small-businesses should keep in mind:

1. Stop worrying about SEO. I’m sure you’ve had a dozen calls from professional SEO firms pitching you their services.  You may have even hired someone. I’m also sure that everything about the SEO process has been frustrating for you; how valuable SEO really is, who to hire and how much to spend, measuring results and worrying about strategies deployed.

Google has made major changes to how they rank search results i.e. there is no point in trying to trick Google into better rankings. There is no SEO magic.  Create awesome content, keep it fresh, make it interesting, and SEO will take care of itself. Is it that simple? Absolutely not, and there are countless ways to enhance this by making your site better, using more video, creating promotions or infographics. But the bottom line is that content is king and there are countless tools out there to help your website become more visible.

2. Local, Local, Local! Local search is exploding.  For a small retail business, this gives you so many tools and options. Claim your stake on Google places, get active on yelp to not only protect your brand but increase foot-traffic to your storefront. There are countless self-service methods to increase your exposure locally, search for “local search marketing” to begin exploring the basics.

3. Content Marketing. If you haven’t heard yet, content is king. Google has made several moves to ensure that search engines results reflect the websites with the best information available, opposed to the websites with the most keywords or thousands of useless backlinks.  In order to achieve a high search ranking, your website needs to be filled with valuable content that makes people want to stay on your website, return to it, share it and recommend it to others.  Rinse, repeat, over and over again.

4. Image or Video-Based Content. Along with written content, it is important to integrate images and videos as much as possible. More and more consumers are opting for the video blogs, tutorials and video commentaries over their written counterparts. There are a wide range of reasons why this is likely happening, but those reasons are primarily irrelevant. What is relevant is that you need to use images and videos better optimize your website for search engines.

5. Social Media Marketing. Pay-per-click advertising is becoming much more effective due to the ability to target a large group of people that fit your target market.  You can do this through facebook, google, pinterest and twitter, just to name some of the top options. This also allows you to express your brand and form a more personal relationship with potential customers.

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