Smart Valley launches an ICO

Smart Valley – a decentralized platform for project assessment and development – has announced the start of its ICO. The token sale, which started on May 14, is the first ICO of a Russian project conducted in full compliance with Swiss law. Switzerland is the first Western European country to develop a clear legal framework for ICOs.

The token sale started at 3 pm GMT on May 14 and will last till July 14 or until the $60 million hard cap is reached. At the moment of publication, the token sale is ongoing. Contributions are accepted in  ETH, BTC, USD, CHF, EUR.

The Ethereum-based platform will connect ICO projects, backers, and experts from across the globe in a single closed ecosystem. The developers call their project a digital Silicon Valley. The platform will not only connect the main ICO market players, but also create a nurturing environment for each ecosystem participant to make an input in the blockchain industry development.

One of the key services offered by Smart Valley is its unique decentralized scoring system. Independent experts score projects against a number of criteria, including the financial model, marketing strategy, founders’ experience, legal aspects, etc.

For more information on the Smart Valley ICO, subscribe to their Telegram channel here.

Boyan Josic is the Founder & CEO of Mogul Media, and the editor of JOSIC Media. Boyan also serves as an advisor to Aeron, SignIX, Velix.ID, and Energy Premier. 

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