Spike in Paid Game Downloads in Windows Store

For the month of November, the Windows Store had 1,311,209 paid game downloads. That is a 34.12% increase from October. The number of free game downloads was 16,744,484 for the month of November, but that shows only a 13.41% increase from October. The differences in the increase is significant, but was it unexpected?

Microsoft announced the release of over 1,000 games to the Windows Store in the month of November through the support of the Unity Engine. The surge of new games can be at least partially credited for the surge in paid downloads.

The games download data is also interesting because of the overall download composition the Windows Store experienced in October. The number of paid game downloads in November was also the same as the total paid downloads for the month of October, which was 1.35 million. At that time, paid game downloads accounted for 72.12% of total downloads. If this ratio remained constant that would mean the Windows Store had a total of 1.82 million downloads in November.

However, this information can not be solidified because Microsoft only released partial data for the month of November. Several download categories were excluded from the released data set. When questioned about the missing data, Microsoft simply asserted it was for security reasons.

Finally, in order to keep this increase in perspective, it is important to remember where Microsoft stands compared to other systems. Even with their surge of paid game downloads, Microsoft’s total downloads is still minuscule compared to downloads on iOS and Android platforms.

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