Startup Sendy which rewards email recipients for their engagement has raised $500,000 in pre-sale

Sendy, blockchain startup founded in Australia has raised $500,000 in its ICO pre-sale, rewards people simply for their attention. The key is to engage with marketing emails.

Sendy was founded last year by two Australians Josh Reyes and George Hartley. Although Sendy is Australian, its headquarters are in Singapore.

There were two crypto funds involved in the pre-sale New Zealand based Techemy Capital and Australian Apollo Capital.


Hartley stated that Sendy is designed to solve certain issues in the way emails are being used.

Since emails are free, there is a lot of room for scamming, and Hartley believes more than 50% of emails are junk, and the other half is just content we don’t pay any attention to. The rest is of course personal mail, but that is of little interest to us.

Sendy supplies a decentralized email API, which means companies can attach value in the form of Sendy tokens to their emails.

And even though Sendy is in the beginning stages right now, Hartley believes that once it’s fully released, that the platform will be able to attach to any browser and multiple email providers. This will remarkably help marketers in getting better engagement for their emails and reward email subscribers for it.


One of the things that are really good about Sendy is that email subscriber doesn’t have to be involved in cryptocurrency in order to use Sendy tokens. This could help cryptocurrency become more mainstream. Because once the users get Sendy tokens, they can either trade it for another cryptocurrency or use it to pay for anything they want.

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