Stem Cells

Stem Cells – Unlimited Potential for Human Healthcare Advancement

The success of bone marrow transplantation in increasing the survival of patients with leukemia and other diseases has stimulated research into the potential role of stem cells in treating other human illnesses and conditions.

Prior to advancements in stem cell research, doctors collected bone marrow for transplants from a patient’s own bone marrow. With the successes in stem cell research, medical professionals can now harvest stem cells from blood for the purposes of bone marrow transplants. This means that patients do not have to wait for a fitting donor and that those painful surgical procedures can be avoided.

Stem cells can provide us with a unique approach to therapy in a variety of conditions. But in order to determine all of their potential benefits, further research is needed. For this reason, a company called Stem Cell Innovation (SCI )has decided to join this high-tech research with high-tech finance banking – the blockchain technology. The ICO presale of their cryptocurrency, SCIA token, is closing soon and will be followed by the main sale starting November 21. They plan to raise between $3 million and $36 million.

A significant portion of these funds will be used to advance research into the many potential uses that may bring relief to millions of patients around the world and even prolong the life of the human species.

“We’re confident that such research and advancement will continue to change the way the medical community views many of the world’s most prevalent diseases,” SCI said in its white paper detailing how they intend to use a blockchain-powered platform to transform the healthcare systems around the world.

But first, what is SCI? It is a network of highly motivated researchers, expert medical professionals, dedicated investors, and innovative engineers working together to create a unique platform that brings together two of the most life-changing innovations of the 21st century: stem cell technology and blockchain technology.

The idea can be summed up simply: connect people who need treatment with a dedicated team of professionals who can provide personalized solutions based on patient factors and demographics collected in the blockchain-supported platform.

Currently, stem cell therapies that are on the market or under development around the world include Immune System Therapies, CHO cell and hybridomas, neural stem cell therapies, pluripotent stem cell therapies, hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, mammary epithelial cell therapies, prostate epithelial cell therapies, pulmonary stem cell research, and intestinal stem cell research.

The most successful and established stem cell therapies have been conducted with bone marrow transplants, which were first performed over 40 years ago thanks to researchers at Johns Hopkins University and their contributions. But beyond leukemia and bone marrow transplants, stem cells have the potential to transform the quality of life of all people, of all ages. Some of the research being done to help people add longevity to their lives is extraordinary, such as the work being done to prevent and treat cancers, diabetes, and other life-threatening illnesses.

Despite all of the knowledge at our disposal today, few people fully understand the impact that stem cell discovery has played and can play in human life. Unfortunately, many people are still citing embryonic stem cell controversy at the mention of stem cells, but there have been game-changing discoveries that have eradicated the need for embryonic stem cells and the concerns that have come with it. It is no longer a question of where do stem cells come from in order to help treat a condition, but when will they become widely available.

And this is where the potential lays, the potential to advance to a period where many of the illnesses that cause grave discomfort to patients today can be treated or relieved with the help of the stem cells.

When SCI launches their SCIApplication platform, built on blockchain technology, the world will seem like a much smaller place. This one platform has the potential to bring about worldwide collaboration to bring these much-needed findings, resources, and treatments to the world at large.

And with all the patient information safely stored inside the blockchain, and managed by the patients themselves who can allow or deny access to lab results, previous consultations etc. to medical professionals of their choice, medical records will become the thing of the past.

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The number one goal of SCI is to raise awareness of the power that stem cells have to help prolong human life, but also heal it and ensure that people around the world have access to a high quality of living. The gap of knowledge that exists related to stem cells is due in part to media, in part to the medical community, and in part organizations that do not want to see life-saving treatments come to fruition. It’s all part of the ongoing debate about stem cell treatments, research, and development.

SCI might change all this. With the SCIA token, an application called SCIApplication will be launched, in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 privacy regulations (HIPAA), and will keep user information safe and secure. It will allow users to seamlessly register for life insurance policies, bone marrow donor registries, and organ donation registries.

SCIApplication will facilitate access to stem cell therapies and services in a convenient and straightforward manner. SCI’s goal is to bring stem cell therapies into the mainstream medical community while providing harmonious access to medical records for patients and their doctors.

“It is our vision to empower patients and reduce inefficiency in their access to medical care around the world,” SCI’s management says. If they manage to fund their idea, it is easily conceivable that the healthcare as we know it will cease to exist and a more human-centered, more accessible system will emerge that will transform the medical community forever.

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