Michael Clark

A former cricketeer partners with Global Tech for an ICO endorsement

Michael Clark, Australia’s former cricketer is endorsing an ICO platform. Having a celebrity endorse your product, brings a certain credibility to it since celebrities are viewed as trustworthy authoritarian figures. This kind of image helps with the sale of the product, and this seems to be the way that ICO platforms work too. And of course, Twitter users have their…

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Startup Sendy which rewards email recipients for their engagement has raised $500,000 in pre-sale

Sendy, blockchain startup founded in Australia has raised $500,000 in its ICO pre-sale, rewards people simply for their attention. The key is to engage with marketing emails. Sendy was founded last year by two Australians Josh Reyes and George Hartley. Although Sendy is Australian, its headquarters are in Singapore. There were two crypto funds involved in the pre-sale New Zealand…

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