stem cell

High Tech Medicine Meets High Tech Capital

The uses and benefits of stem cells have proven effective throughout several innovative studies and many medical trials, but more research is needed to confirm the effectiveness and make them a widely accepted option. Research, however, is expensive. Creating and growing a global network of technical, medical, and business professionals that would enable people who require stem cell transplants or…

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security token

Meet the Security Tokens

Token represents a unit of certain value that is released by an organization and based on blockchain technology and serves in cases where cryptocurrency is unable to be used. They exist digitally and unlike the Bitcoins, they are not made from mining but are made by an individual or entity that already has some kind of digital currency. Cryptocurrencies can…

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Endeavour Silver

Endeavour Silver Produces 1,428,828 oz Silver and 12,968 oz Gold (2.4 Million oz Silver Equivalents) in the Third Quarter, 2018

Endeavour Silver Corp. reports its production results for the Third Quarter, 2018 from the Company’s three silver-gold mines in Mexico: the Guanaceví mine in Durango State and the Bolañitos and El Cubo mines in Guanajuato State. Silver production in the Third Quarter, 2018 was 1,428,828 ounces (oz) and gold production was 12,968 oz resulting in the silver equivalent production of…

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Blockchain can do more than just ‘cryptocurrencies’

When you hear the word „blockchain“ what is the first thought that crosses your mind? Did you think of „bitcoin“ or „cryptocurrency“? Many people think how blockchain technology is just 'digital currencies'. But this kind of technology provides a wide range of application possibilities. Blockchain technology is said to be the main technology in the future which is going to…

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ICOs End: STOs Are Taking The Stage

With ICOs experiencing administrative developing pains, with fake input from the prevailing press and low achievement rate, we should endeavor to discover more palatable methods for financing blockchain technology that is more authentic. Security token offerings, STOs, are along these lines the new kid on the crypto block. In the event that ICOs in spite of an absence of direction…

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5 Terrible Marketing Mistakes

The marketing scene is more different than it used to be, with marketing techniques spreading over various channels. To remain significant, you should marketing reviews occasionally. With such huge numbers of undertakings to execute, you may walk an almost negligible difference and making a couple (or a few) bumbles. 1. Not taking the leap from personalization to individualization. Everyone's discussing personalization,…

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