What is the real value of Blockchain?

Despite the fact that blockchain technology represents one of the greatest innovations of the 21stcentury, many people still consider the real value of it. While there is public hype on cryptocurrencies, many of them question the true value of digital assets and technology behind them. Cryptocurrencies may be extremely volatile, but that should not underestimate the value of blockchain technology.…

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Tokenization of Healthcare Data Restores People’s Confidence in Sharing Their Sensitive Data

Healthcare is one of the most important industries in the world for the patient and data security protection. According to PwC, the health market is expected to be worth $61B worldwide by 2020. The transparency Market Research reported that by 2025 the global digital health market will hit $536.6B. Still, there are things that need to be done in order…

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HTC Is Launching A Blockchain-Focused Phone, Only Purchasable In Crypto

HTC revealed its blockchain-focused smartphone on Tuesday, the Exodus 1, as the manufacturer wants to reorganize its strategy to focus primarily on a new technology. The Taiwanese phone creator stated that it developed its own cryptocurrency wallet Zion to create its new phone function as a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. The Exodus 1 includes a secure enclave — a secluded space…

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security token

What You Should Know About Security Tokens Prior To Investing

The idea of security tokens hasn't been around for that long and was practically presented mid-2017. The idea immediately made progress, and presently business people and financial specialists alike are energetically bouncing on the empty yet encouraging tokenized security space. As of now, there are over twelve genuine players in the security token market. Most importantly, securities themselves are nothing…

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