Building Your Blockchain Brand: What You Should Know

A lot of newbie blockchain companies come across the same problem when it comes to building their brand. They are having problems when it comes to finding the balance between being dangerously revolutionary, or too traditional and out of touch. However, the established companies are sticking to the traditional marketing methods. Once the product has been created, they send out…

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Here’s how blockchain is changing digital marketing for good

The rapid development of blockchain and related technologies is still an abstract idea to many people, but it has increasingly more applications in many segments of the digital marketing. The blockchain technology is set to reform the marketing automation segments in the coming years. This particularly means that soon marketers will have even more effective online tools to establish trustful…

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Digital Marketing

Four Digital Marketing Trends To Pump Up Your Business In 2018

The leading companies in every industry and small businesses have something in common. They all need a specially crafted marketing plan to answer their specific needs which would subsequently bring more customers, more revenue, and more success. In order to reach this goal, that shares both the management and the employees, a company must strive for a grand marketing plan.…

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The Importance of Local Search Marketing

Everything in digital marketing seems to change rapidly with technology and marketing platforms continually evolving, providing businesses with some awesome marketing options.  One thing however hasn’t changed; the importance of search engine rankings. For small businesses operating in a specific geographic area, local search in particular is critical. Check out some of the following statistics from Google: Eighty percent of…

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3 Online Tools for Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to the success of an online business. Your landing page is where unique visitors are directed when they click a link to your website. An effective landing page is one that is visually appealing, informative, contains great copy and promotes high conversion rates. There is nearly endless online tools design to help you create effective landing…

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