Is Egypt Covertly Mining Cryptocurrency on Citizens’ Computers?

The Citizen Lab, an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Toronto, published a report on Friday strongly suggesting that Egypt has been mining cryptocurrency secretly on its citizens’ computers. The report explained that Sandvine/Procera Networks Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) devices were used “to covertly raise money through affiliate ads and cryptocurrency mining in Egypt.” Sandvine Corporation was acquired in September of…

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Egyptian Protests Continue as Opposition Promises Change

Demanding that President Hosny Mubarak step down after three decades of rule, anti-government demonstrators in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, ignored a curfew and protested into Monday morning. Mohamed ElBaradei, leading opposition activist, promised thousands of protestors on Sunday that change would come to their country. He has been attempting to solidify the opposition, but faces some distrust mainly due…

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