HTC Is Launching A Blockchain-Focused Phone, Only Purchasable In Crypto

HTC revealed its blockchain-focused smartphone on Tuesday, the Exodus 1, as the manufacturer wants to reorganize its strategy to focus primarily on a new technology. The Taiwanese phone creator stated that it developed its own cryptocurrency wallet Zion to create its new phone function as a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. The Exodus 1 includes a secure enclave — a secluded space…

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Blockchain In The Food Industry: What Could Be Improved?

The global food and beverage industry are growing at around 5 percent a year and global expenditure on food products by consumers is going to reach US$20 trillion by 2030. This industry includes food processing, packaging, labeling, storage, distribution, financing, catering etc. Computer technology became the main tool in improving the food industry, with computer networks and software providing the…

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New York University

NYU Is Offering Students A Major in Blockchain

New York University (NYU) is becoming the first university in the U.S. that is offering students a major in blockchain technology. The program will be provided at the NYU Stern School of Business, which is also the first one to offer undergraduate sources in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Professor Andrew Hinkes stated: “We hope to establish a groundwork so that the students can…

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