Coin vs. Token: Knowing The Difference

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are encoded (anchored) with complex cryptographic calculations, but do you know what's the main difference between tokens and coins that everyone are talking? What is Cryptography? Cryptography is utilized here to anchor and verify the transfer of transactions. Cryptographic forms of money are fueled by an open ledger which records and approves all exchanges sequentially,…

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Blockchain In The Food Industry: What Could Be Improved?

The global food and beverage industry are growing at around 5 percent a year and global expenditure on food products by consumers is going to reach US$20 trillion by 2030. This industry includes food processing, packaging, labeling, storage, distribution, financing, catering etc. Computer technology became the main tool in improving the food industry, with computer networks and software providing the…

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Stem Cells

Stem Cells – Unlimited Potential for Human Healthcare Advancement

The success of bone marrow transplantation in increasing the survival of patients with leukemia and other diseases has stimulated research into the potential role of stem cells in treating other human illnesses and conditions. Prior to advancements in stem cell research, doctors collected bone marrow for transplants from a patient’s own bone marrow. With the successes in stem cell research,…

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security token

Meet the Security Tokens

Token represents a unit of certain value that is released by an organization and based on blockchain technology and serves in cases where cryptocurrency is unable to be used. They exist digitally and unlike the Bitcoins, they are not made from mining but are made by an individual or entity that already has some kind of digital currency. Cryptocurrencies can…

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What Must Blockchain Overcome In Order To Be Fully Adopted

The blockchain is regarded as a technology that will revolutionize the finance sector. Slow transaction speeds and a lack of standardization are posing as threats to growth. In the study conducted, Deloitte highlighted obstacles that the technology must overcome to receive full adoption. Increased performance The blockchain is like an accounting ledger, except it records transactions across a large network…

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