Stem Cell Innovations

SCI: People don’t have to know our names, but they will know how we changed the world

After 20 years of experience, Moe Galal, Founder and Chief Executive of Stem Cell Innovations, and Ben Barel, Co-Founder of SCI and Chief Operations Officer hope to usher in the next generation of medicine using stem cells and other advanced technologies and we are interested to discover how, so we started our conversation. With their SCI team, they are devoted to the…

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Brave Files Privacy Complaints In A Potential Test Case Against Google

Brave is a privacy-focused web browser set up by engineering guru Brandan Eich. It is filling privacy complaints in Britan and Ireland which could potentially become a test case against Google and other companies. The petitioners stated they wish to activate an article in the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which would require an EU-wide investigation. The GDPR’s…

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Cryptic Labs Has Just Taken Two Nobel Laureates As Advisors

Cryptic Labs, blockchain research firm and accelerator, added two Nobel-winning economists as advisors. Dr. Eric S. Maskin and Sir Christopher Pissarides will "provide insights into incentive mechanisms, game theory, and macroeconomic policies." A professor at Harvard Universiy, Dr. Maskim will help the company when it comes to knowledge of game theory and mechanism design, mainly how blockchain projects can develop…

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blockchain health

A Look at how the Blockchain is Impacting your Health

One of the most revolutionary technologies of the present era is the blockchain that plays the key role in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others.  However, the technology itself can benefit a host of other industries outside of cryptocurrency. One of these that its making an impact on is healthcare. Blockchain technology is a game-changer due to streamlined processes and foolproof…

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Building Your Blockchain Brand: What You Should Know

A lot of newbie blockchain companies come across the same problem when it comes to building their brand. They are having problems when it comes to finding the balance between being dangerously revolutionary, or too traditional and out of touch. However, the established companies are sticking to the traditional marketing methods. Once the product has been created, they send out…

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Unregistered ICO

3 Colorado Based Companies Have Been Accused Of Offering Unregistered ICOs

Three cryptocurrency companies from Colorado have been accused of offering unregistered ICOs by Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome. This was the end result of an investigation that was conducted by the Colorado Division of Securities ICO Task Force. The ICO Task Force is investigating potentially fraudulent ICO securities offerings. The three companies are Bionic Coin, Syberlabs Ltd., aka Crypto ARB and…

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ICO Daily News: Clampdown of China Resumes

Clampdown of China Resumes The government of China started another wave of a clampdown on cryptocurrency investors. The clampdown is mainly focused on China’s internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (commonly referred to together as BAT). The China’s Google – Baidu, allegedly has a restricted number of crypto chat rooms, like ’’Digital Currency Bar’’ and ’’Virtual Currency Bar’’, explaining:  ’’This…

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