Coin vs. Token: Knowing The Difference

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are encoded (anchored) with complex cryptographic calculations, but do you know what's the main difference between tokens and coins that everyone are talking? What is Cryptography? Cryptography is utilized here to anchor and verify the transfer of transactions. Cryptographic forms of money are fueled by an open ledger which records and approves all exchanges sequentially,…

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The Downsides To Relying Solely On Business Information

Business intelligence (BI) has since quite a while ago, gave a dependable method to nontechnical representatives to dive into information and answer fundamental inquiries to carry out their occupations. From the rise of BI during the '80s until around 2014, the effect of this kind of analysis remained genuinely compelled. Information was gathered in little, siloed channels and used to…

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What is the real value of Blockchain?

Despite the fact that blockchain technology represents one of the greatest innovations of the 21stcentury, many people still consider the real value of it. While there is public hype on cryptocurrencies, many of them question the true value of digital assets and technology behind them. Cryptocurrencies may be extremely volatile, but that should not underestimate the value of blockchain technology.…

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big data

Big Data Sustainability

In the period of machine learning, blockchain, and the "internet of things" (IoT), Greenprint stays concentrated on "small data"— month to month energy, water, and waste bills standardized by building and geographic characteristics, for example, area, building compose, opportunity rates, and warming and cooling degree days. Utilizing Greenprint's shared-information benchmark drawn from these basic information (and oversaw in the cloud…

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content marketing

Create your own content marketing strategy in 8 easy steps

Content marketing strategy is much more than just creating and sharing content in order to attract customers. It should be the main weapon in presenting the company's mission and vision to potential consumers. Basically, content marketing is a written and visual way that the company is representing its goal, through creating, planning, delivering and maintaining useful marketing content designed to…

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