Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence And Its Influence on Content Marketing

It is not a new thing that artificial intelligence has already conquered digital marketing in general and content marketing in particular. Even though artificial intelligence is so developed in the area of digital marketing, what really happens is that there are many more improvements and changes, about which this article is about, are yet to come Definition of Artificial Intelligence…

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big data

Big data and Artificial Intelligence – key elements in worldwide development

Expansion of Internet and cellphone technology around the world might be the greatest advancement that has influenced developing countries in the previous decade. Using big data in worldwide development refers to a concept of identification of sources of big data relevant to the policies and planning for development programs. It contrasts from both "conventional" development data and what the mainstream…

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digital marketing

Invest in your website! Here are 6 of the best digital marketing tips to improve your Internet advertising

The social networks are no longer just a part of our everyday life, but also a powerful tool used by enterprises to provide the best digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing’s main key objective is to promote the brand through various forms of digital and social media. One of the most successful marketing communication tools is advertising. Advertising is considered as…

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