Google Play Releases Social Impact Apps Study and Best Practices

As mobile platforms with global scale and billions of users, Google Play and Android facilitate innumerable connections between people, developers, and nonprofits that create social impact around the world. Today, Google Play is sharing with us new insights into the social impact needs and interests of smartphone users, outlining best practices aimed at helping developers build better social impact apps…

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Brave Files Privacy Complaints In A Potential Test Case Against Google

Brave is a privacy-focused web browser set up by engineering guru Brandan Eich. It is filling privacy complaints in Britan and Ireland which could potentially become a test case against Google and other companies. The petitioners stated they wish to activate an article in the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which would require an EU-wide investigation. The GDPR’s…

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India is in need of investigating the use of cryptocurrencies in terror funding

Once, one could easily perform certain transactions without having a fear of any type of surveillance. Now, the financial world has been digitalized, that it robbed anyone of their anonymity. And ever since cryptocurrencies appeared, the hope of us having our privacy during transactions is born yet again. That too is a double-edged sword. On the flipside of cryptocurrencies, there…

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BTC might go MUCH lower even with all the bullish news!

Even though the market could and probably will go MUCH lower, this is in fact VERY bullish news for all of us. Its a clear sign the market is cleaning itself up and making room for the institutional money. Thanks for watching. Tip jar below. BTC 13qF5ovjByDtFyGX1hYLA7uvhXj1BDH2KX LTC LcdKQ9JSAZRuypVtevhbna7hVo8hHf5UoD RECOMMENDED CRYPTO EXCHANGES: If your looking to start buying alt coins…

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Recovery Incoming? (Friday Market Update)

In this Friday Market Update, we'll talk about the EOS Mainnet Launch, The SEC clarifying its stance that Ethereum is NOT a security, and do some technical analysis on some top cryptocurrencies. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, and subscribe! Join our Discord: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Below you will…

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