Blockchain Healthcare

10 Companies Incorporating Blockchain In Healthcare

Blockchain represents a list of linked digital records. Every transaction must be verified and stored by every network participant, based on a set of rules, which were previously agreed upon, without a central authority. Each block contains some information and a digital fingerprint called hash of the data. Security, trust, traceability, and control – these are the promises of the…

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Overstock’s tZero Raises $134 Million In ICO’s blockchain subsidiary, tZero, raised $134 million in an ICO. Tzero was released in 2015 and represents an alternative trading system for securities. Another announcement was issued in last few days that a Chinese private equity company GSR Capital, is investing $270 million in tZero. $104 million in stock is included in the deal, as well as $30 million…

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Michael Clark

A former cricketeer partners with Global Tech for an ICO endorsement

Michael Clark, Australia’s former cricketer is endorsing an ICO platform. Having a celebrity endorse your product, brings a certain credibility to it since celebrities are viewed as trustworthy authoritarian figures. This kind of image helps with the sale of the product, and this seems to be the way that ICO platforms work too. And of course, Twitter users have their…

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New Interactive Community and Education App for Cryptocurrency Investors

B21Life educates everyone on cryptocurrency investing with curated resources and it's available on the on the App Store and Google Play from now! B21, the first personal wealth manager exclusively for crypto assets, announced today the launch of its free, interactive B21Life mobile app for Android and iOS. The first app to go live from B21, B21Life educates newcomers about…

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Digital Marketing

Four Digital Marketing Trends To Pump Up Your Business In 2018

The leading companies in every industry and small businesses have something in common. They all need a specially crafted marketing plan to answer their specific needs which would subsequently bring more customers, more revenue, and more success. In order to reach this goal, that shares both the management and the employees, a company must strive for a grand marketing plan.…

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