UK Blockchain

Member of Parliament Leaves Two Blockchain Roles Over an ICO Deal

UK Member of Parliament has resigned from two blockchain roles after the media accused him of being involved in a secretive pay deal. Grant Shapps has founded the Blockchain APPG alongside yet another Tory MP. Shahad Choudhury, co-founder, and CEO of OpenBrix, disclosed that Shapps had been hired under a consultancy contract and was authorized to a token allocation of…

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What is going on in the UK?

Does free speech exist in the United Kingdom in 2018? How does someone get arrested, tried and sentenced to 13 months in prison in a single day? Does a judge have the power to order a media blackout on something? On anything? I'm completely shocked by what I'm watching. I had no clue who Tommy Robinson is before this morning,…

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U.K. App “PushDoctor” Lands $8.2M Investment

PushDoctor, an app from the U.K. that offers video consultations with doctors, has raised $8.2 million in funding. Specializing in the “telemedicine” industry, PushDoctor brings the ability to video call a “GMC-registered U.K. General Practitioner “ for on demand consultations ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The network is said to be composed of over 7,000 doctors. Originally only…

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