Tailoring Your Content Marketing for Mobile-Optimization

Traditionally, content marketing strategies have been developed for desktops and later modified for mobile devices. With a growing percentage of the population searching primarily on mobile devices, you need to have a mobile-first mindset. Web pages need to be mobile responsive, simplified and more “tappable” in order to make them more assessable on mobile devices.

Content creators and curators need to reevaluate their strategies regarding long-form and short-form content. Although recent trends have moved from primarily short-form to long-form, it’s now becoming clear that the best approach varies based on other factors.

For example, when determining whether to use long-form or short-form, take into consideration the audience, the topic and the context. If you don’t know by now, it’s important to find out if your audience will tolerate reading long-form articles or if shorter bites of information are better received. Do your in-depth pieces get the traction you expected? Or does a simple “Top 10” post out-perform them?

Now more than ever, it is essential to learn your audience’s online habits. You should know the types of devices they are using, what content they are looking at, how much time they spend on your domain, and where they are coming from. Examining their behaviors as it relates to your content will provide insight into the preferences of your specific audience.

Your headlines and titles need to scream for attention while remaining relevant, timely and powerful. We’re all flooded with so much information these days, you have one shot to grab their attention with your title and opening paragraphs.

Also try mixing things up. While it’s always vital to cater to the preferences of your audience, it’s a good idea to change things up from time to time to learn more about the behavior of your visitors. Consider some of the following formatting elements and see if you can trigger some positive responses:

  • Make your content easy to read, use large text
  • Make your articles concise and to the point
  • Mix up your format with different fonts and colors that pop
  • Use visual aids and white space
  • Video’s are a no-brainer – use them as much as possible

Having a mobile-first mindset when it comes to your content will pay dividends in the long-run while allowing you to continually understand more about your visitors and what they’re interested in. Knowing what they’re interested in while keeping their attention should lead you to monetization options. More on that later.

Boyan Josic is the Founder & CEO of Josic Media, ICODashboard, BountyMissions, and Mogul.Capital. Boyan also serves as an advisor to Aeron, SignIX, Velix.ID, Cashbag.co and Energy Premier. 

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