The Fluctuation Of Cryptocurrency Prices Are Killing ICO-Funded Blockchain Startups

The Ethereum price has plummeted to over 60% over the period of just last three months. This has directly affected every ETH-denominated token sale immensely.

The ever-changing nature is an important element of the crypto world. And even though the majority of ICOs that were launched in 2017 had their price increased, 2018 is completely the opposite. With the uncertain nature of the crypto world, the speed of execution presents a vital part of remaining within boundaries while executing a crypto-denominated crowdfunding exercise.

The Risks Of a Token Sale

ICOs are made from concurrently moving parts that are in need of a great number of resources to piece them all together. This is a time-consuming process, lasting everywhere from a few weeks to several months, in some instances.


As mentioned earlier, the ever-changing nature of the token market and crypto ecosystem means that a lot of things can and will go not according to the plan. For instance, in the continuing UBEX token sale exercise we notice that the deadline has been extended and the hard cap was increased. The reason behind the deadline extension is reported because of the major drop in the price of cryptos, most notably Ethereum between its ICO date and today.

The Importance of Speed

Basically, any system that offers a fast execution of the popular crowdfunding system will attract certain attention. If it indeed gets executed accordingly, the speed means the difference between a successful project, even long after a token sale.

The Exioms project will be in partnership with businesses through the offer of a strong development and marketing service, so they can enhance the launching process in the least amount of time ever.

 “Businesses are quickly adopting Blockchain as a way to streamline the online payment process and manage transaction transparency. Our business is at the cutting-edge of this technology. We are helping start-ups, enterprises and SMEs integrate Blockchain into their daily business practices to help them operate efficiently and grow their business,” said Dileep Steinberg, Exioms founder, and CEO.

Far Away From Cryptocurrency

Exioms is already involved in serving the government, enterprise, and SME sectors in India. The establishment mechanizes with the most damaging technologies in the market like blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, payments, fintech and AR/VR Solutions.


The Blockchain technology expands far away from cryptocurrency and finance. It was referred to as the future of the business and a new level of the digital world. So there is no doubt that within the next 10 years the digital revolution will take place. Powered by blockchain technology, of course.

With this digital revolution on the horizon, there are no uncertainties that it will bring more services and solutions that will aid startups and traditional establishments to keep in touch with the new-coming trends. But the most important part of the revolution will be the better design of the universal regulatory framework, which the crypto world is in desperate need of.


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