The Top 6 Bitcoin Wallets

First, it is important to understand that declaring anything to be the “best” is really dependent on your personal needs. Here is our choice of six of the safest, most versatile and user-friendly bitcoin wallets currently available. They are separated into two categories; web wallets and software wallets. Web wallets are easier to use and more convenient to access on the go but they are also less secure since they operate and exist completely online.

Software wallets are downloaded to your computer. This makes them more secure than web wallets.

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Web Wallets

1. Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the most widely used bitcoin wallets. This is, in part, because they have done a great job marketing themselves to businesses looking to accept bitcoins as a method of payment.

2. Coinjar. This bitcoin wallet is convenient because it is not only a web wallet, but it is also available via mobile device. This will allow you to access your wallet and make exchanges through your smartphone.

3. Blockchain. Blockchain is also available through mobile devices. It is extremely user-friendly and versatile. For individual users, this particular bitcoin wallet is widely recommended across forum and among bitcoin enthusiasts.

 Software Wallets

1. Armory. Armory is considered one of the safest bitcoin wallets on the market. As their name may suggest, they have invested a great deal of time and resources into beefing up the security of their system.

2. BitcoinQT. This bitcoin wallet is widely recommended across bitcoin forums and among bitcoin enthusiasts. Many claim it is easy to set-up and easy to use.

3. Multibit. Although not remarkably known for any specific feature or trait, this bitcoin wallet has also performed well and comes highly recommended.

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