The Trump Network – Review of Trump's Newest Endeavor

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump made a decision to obtain into the Network Marketing and advertising Industry right after doing some due diligence. As you know Trump co written a book with Robert Kiyosaki known as “We Want You To Be Rich!” They both go into particular detail about Network Marketing and advertising. He went thru over 20 distinct Multi level Advertising organizations for about a year. His choice is go in with the Well being and Wellness industry known as “Ideal health” which is based in Boston Massachusetts. The company has been around since 1997. There products are based in customized vitamins, nutritional supplements, health energy drinks and recently introduced anti aging item that is based in Switzerland called Bi Coe’.

The Co founders are Scott and Todd Stanwood and Lou DeCaprio who have over 30 yrs of experience in Network Advertising. They have accomplished personal success by way of their marketing methods and management abilities. They also have a typical goal to bring like minded persons in the network advertising business in the wellness and wellness. They have three decades of expertise in multi-level advertising.

Donald Trump bought the organization “Ideal Health” back in March in 2009 and rebranding it to The Trump Network in November throughout the convention in Miami last year. It isn’t a surprise that he got involved in MLM since he endorses another organization in the telecommunication business. He thinks that perfect wellness is going to be the biggest MLM in the next year or so. It isn’t a guarantee but it the 1st Multi-level advertising corporation to put his name on it and people are acquiring on the hype about The Trump Network and thousands of people today are signing up daily. You shouldn’t be too excited just because Donald put his name on an item. It does not work that way. It is not guarantee you are going to create any cash. Most people will fairly within their 1st 30 days or so.

Did you know that 97% Network marketers are struggling and utilizing the BS advertising strategies which are becoming taught by their upline which is out dated. They teach their new distributors to make a list of their pals and loved ones to work your warm marketplace, send out flyers to prospects, DVDs, Brochures and 3-way calling. They are most likely waste time and leaving cash on the table then quite.

Some people will write articles about the Trump Network and tell others this company does not work or Donald trump is pulling a scam. Poor mouthing a business isn’t the solution. Only 3% of people today in fact make profit, quite their day job and stick around for a long time. It does not matter if you’re involved with The Trump Network or any other MLM organization. It is not about the products, compensation strategy or the business opportunity. It is all about you, personal development and acquiring training from a leader/mentor. You’ll need to invest in yourself to succeed. It does not matter which MLM provider you might be in.

So in the event you wish to succeed as a little company owner so poor, you’ll need to find out on the web strategies that work on the web right now. Marketing methods like Facebook. MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and No cost Classifieds or Forums. The reality is only 95% of Marketers use the techniques on the world wide web. Train your self appropriately to develop a productive marketing and advertising funnel and discover an online advertising system which is guaranteed to work in your favor and generate a thriving Trump network to create wealth and produce residual income.

Source by DanLe

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