The Trump Network Review – Scam or Legit?

For those of you who are researching The Trump Network as a potential home based business, I will be providing you with information to answer some key questions.  Who is The Trump Network?  Do they offer quality products to build a business around?  Does The Trump Network offer a legitimate business opportunity?  Lets begin.

After researching a multitude of multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses, Donald Trump finally made his decision, and purchased Ideal Health.  This company has been in existence since 1997, and offers many products related to the health and wellness industry.  After this purchase, Mr. Trump then rebranded his new company into The Trump Network in 2009.

The Trump Network offers many products related to nutritional supplements, weight loss, skin care, healthy children’s snacks, and energy products to name a few.  The Trump Network offers these products via their MLM business opportunity, giving everyday individuals the opportunity to build a home business from sharing these products with everyone they know.

In the enrollment process, you will be encouraged to enroll the ‘FastStart Way.’  This will be a cost of $497, and will provide you with many products for personal consumption, and to distribute among potential customers.  You will also be provided with a wide array of business supplies and sales aids.  Along with this package, you will need to enroll into their monthly Autoship program for a commitment of $129.20 per month.  This will automatically bill and ship products to your front door on a monthly basis. 

The Trump Network does offer other options of enrolling that are less expensive, however, you should know that your earning potential and support will be limited if you do not purchase their FastStart package.

To begin your new business, The Trump Network will encourage you to find 5 new members from within your warm market of friends, family members, and acquaintances.  Once you have accomplished this, you will train each one of your 5 new members to go out and accomplish the same, and so on down the line.  It is important to note that The Trump Network will not train you to use more advanced marketing methods to build your business other than these methods.

Every time you enroll a new member who purchases their FastStart package, you will earn a $100 bonus.  You will also earn compensation based upon the products that your downline members are purchasing for their personal uses, as well as products that they purchase to sell to their customers. 

In my opinion, The Trump Network is very legitimate.  They are not a scam.  This company is backed by a true business professional who has a tremendous track record of creating success in any business venture that he participates in.  This alone makes The Trump Network a solid company.  However, it is important to take into consideration the challenges of building a business that is dependent upon warm marketing methods only.  Your success is ultimately dependent upon everyone in your downline finding 5 new distributors.  This leaves a lot to chance, and your business will not grow if this is not being accomplished across the board.  With that being said, The Trump Network is a legitimate company that offers many rewards for your success.

As always, I wish you success in your search for a home based business for you and your family.     

Source by Dave Fennell

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