Those Who Can not Compete; Often Try to Cheat!

In almost any human endeavor we find people willing to take shortcuts to get ahead. Always willing to go out of their way way to take the slightest little advantage even when it is less than ethical. When I was younger I always thought that this was only a few people who did this and then when I got older I realized that it was not the exception but rather the majority.

The biggest cheaters of all I have found to be those who are either gatekeepers of the rules, makers of rules or regulators or referees of the rules. And they are indeed in place to help themselves and those who cheat get more for doing less. Does this sound too cynical to you? If so, sometimes you are too naïve to see the truth or simply have not competed at the highest levels in sports or business or bothered to participate in the primary politics of mankind.

The fact is that; Those Who Can not Compete; Often Try to Cheat! And for every legitimate competitor there are five who will cheat at the drop of a hat if they thought that they could get away with it. Worse off it is the referees that are often the worst of all. Beware the absolute power of those who point fingers, blow whistles and remain as overseers of the game. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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