The Tinder-like App for Video Lovers

If you’re one of the millions who waste valuable time flipping through channels each night on your remote, you know the struggle to find something worth watching is all too real. Well, good news is that your search may finally be coming to an end.


Available for free download starting today on Google Play, MightyTV is the first video discovery app that uses cutting-edge AI to provide users with hyper-personalized lists of great movies and TV shows to watch, as well as videos that you’re most likely to enjoy watching with friends.

The wildly popular app, which launched on iTunes earlier in the year, has twice been featured as ‘New Apps We Love’ and was recently recognized by Fast Company as an Innovation By Design Award Finalist among more than 1,700 entrants. Using Tinder-like swipe mechanics that allow you to like, love, or dislike videos, the app learns about your interests in real-time so recommendations improve with every swipe, and you only get the best quality choices available.

“Our goal with MightyTV has always been to create a new kind of video discovery experience that helps bring back the fun of finding something good,” said MightyTV CEO Brian Adams.

Mighty contains a growing catalog of more than 30,000 popular titles across all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go, HBO Now, Cinemax, Crackle, and Showtime, which you can easily cast to your favorite media player or save for later viewing. Since launch in April, the platform has already logged more than seven million choices by users with nearly a quarter million of the titles being watchlisted.

To find out more about MightyTV, you can visit, or download the app for free on iTunes or Android here.

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