Tips on Utilizing Crowd Sourcing in Your Digital Marketing

Crowd sourcing is now commonly used as part of digital marketing for companies both big and small. While large companies will full marketing departments may have the time and resources to develop innovative ways to utilize crowd sources, smaller companies may have to take a trial-and-error approach.

If this is the case, it is important to narrow down the options by researching effective ways to utilize crowd sourcing that you can realistically implement into your current marketing plan. Here are tips to help small businesses develop an effective way to integrate crowd sourcing into their digital marketing strategy.

Tip #1 Invest in quality content. Google is cracking down with their SEO algorithms because there is so much spammy, useless content on the web. When you are investing in content, you’ll have a wide range of options. Don’t jump at the cheapest option; doing so will provide you with the cheapest content.

Tip #2 Utilize the communication channels you already have open to you. Many large companies have turned to their customers to help them create new products, packaging, advertising and more. It increases engagement, builds loyalty and decreases the cost of in-house design and development. When embarking on this type of project, it is important to reach out to your customers through all possible communication channels. This means your website, blog, social networks, email list, etc. Any method you use to interact with customers should be utilized to the fullest.

Tip #3 Promote your content. A common mistake among small businesses is assuming people will notice everything you do. When you invest in new content, it is equally important to promote that content. Use companies like Content Blvd to increase the overall visibility of your content on the web.

These tips are designed to help you make sure the basics are covered. Clear communication, quality content, and aggressive publicity are the keys to success when it comes to utilizing crowd sourcing in digital marketing.

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