A Token Sale for Aviation? Meet Aeron

The ICO and token sale frenzy hasn’t really slowed down since being declared a bubble by everyone earlier this summer. On top of that, the SEC is now paying close attention and China has basically had enough with bitcoin exchanges and ICO’s, outlawing everything.

What I find fascinating is how tokens are being introduced and applied to other industries and real world applications. Want to harvest solar energy for your home, and sell off the excess you don’t use to your neighbors? There’s a token for that, they raised $17m.

How about a new method of peer to peer lending which bypasses credit scores and allows you to use your friends and contacts to vouch for you? Theres a token for that.

Now we have a token for the aviation industry. Meet Aeron.aero, which is using the blockchain to make flying the friendly skies even safer by ensuring your pilot is in tip top condition to be in the cockpit, making pilot logs verifiable and transparent.

You can check out the token sale here. They have secured agreements to have the ARN token listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, with Binance and HitBTC being the first exchanges to list the token. Their goal is to sell 60 million tokens during the token sale, which ends on October 23.

Boyan Josic is the Founder & CEO of Josic Media, ICODashboard, BountyMissions, and Mogul.Capital. Boyan also serves as an advisor to Aeron, SignIX, Velix.ID, Cashbag.co and Energy Premier. 

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