2 Steps to Find Your Email Marketing Voice

An important characteristic of successful email marketers is their ability to get people to want to open their emails and read their messages. They have a way of capturing readers’ attention and holding it.

They are typically informative while being funny, outgoing, charming and more. They have a clear voice that makes them identifiable. Some marketers go for edgy, while others go for sentimental. The bottom line is every successful email marketer has a consistent and clear voice.

In order to find great success in email marketing, finding your voice is essential. There is an easy two-step process to finding and establishing your voice in email marketing. The second step may be more difficult for some than the first, but each step is equally important.

Step 1: Make a Decision

The first step is to decide what voice you are comfortable with. If you try to force something that feels unnatural, you will have a hard time maintaining consistency. You want to decide are you going to focus on being funny, sentimental, dramatic, or something else? Are you going to keep everything upbeat and optimistic? Are you going to give “in-your-face” honesty? Will you make your point by telling stories about yourself, using metaphors, or are you going to focus on rhetoric and dime-store psychology?

Step 2: Own it

Once you choose your voice, you need to own it. Don’t be afraid that people won’t think you’re funny or serious or charming. Be sincere and transparent. Let people feel they are getting to know who you are as a person. For example, when you go for funny, not everyone is going to think your jokes are funny all the time. That doesn’t mean you should try to change. You can’t feel bad or withdraw if one of your readers responds with a negative comment or message.

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