Video: Bounty Marketing for ICO Campaigns

Creating bounty campaigns is vital for gaining traction if you’re marketing an ICO.  In this video, which is the first in a new mini-series we’re releasing which will be covering the ICODASHBOARD.IO platform and features, we go over creating and managing your ICO bounties.

What is an ICO Bounty Program?

The concept of a bounty program comes from the online gaming world, where a bounty is a reward paid out to an individual or group for accomplishing certain objectives. In the ICO world, bounty missions are used by ICO startups to accomplish a wide range of tasks at the cost of the project’s token.

Rather than spend capital on expensive press releases, banner ad campaigns, and paid advertising, ICO teams can incentivize the completion of marketing tasks through bounty programs. Thus, rather than hire out a marketing firm, projects can set aside a tiny portion of their tokens as rewards for their bounty program.

Bounty Types

Bounty types can include a number of things, but primarily they revolve around building buzz for the company. Some of these may include:

  • YouTube video creation and editing
  • Content creation, including blog post, website article, and newsletter generation
  • White paper translation
  • Infographic creation
  • Bitcointalk signatures
  • Social media awareness, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts

For more information on the ICODASHBOARD.IO platform, check out their website here.

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