How Video Conferencing Helps Your Company Save on Costs

Video conferencing has been one of the of the big-hit solutions in the last few years. While it’s main benefit has been primarily about reducing travel time and costs, it’s also made other benefits possible. Here’s how it can help you minimize costs for your organization:

Less Travel Costs

Video conferencing makes it easy for you and your team to get to those meetings without the need to travel to a single location. If you’re busy at the office and can’t spare the time it would take to drive across town for a half-hour meeting, call via video and it’s done.

Less Delays

Video meets instant and easy access to everyone on your team. If one of your staff happens to be working from home today and there are meetings or revisions that just came in and need to get done, you won’t have to put the work on hold until the person is back in the office. With video solutions that provide HD clarity along with collaborative features, your employees can work with their offsite counterparts just fine. You won’t have to worry about any output getting delayed. You can count on those speedy and on-time solutions to have a positive impact on your company’s ROI.

Less Mistakes

It’s easy to mistake someone’s tone in an email. If your employees are coordinating with someone from another department for the first time, one or the other could take a short email for being curt and rude. Also, if instructions are vague, that’s going to leave plenty of room for interpretation, which could lead to a lot of mistakes. These are easily resolved, though, when your employees make video calls. That’s because instructions are far easier to give and follow through video, the Crowd Reviews says. That’s going to mean better and accurate communication to avoid costly mistakes.

Less Conflict

One thing that sets video apart from emails, chats and traditional voice-calls is the face to face interaction it offers, Inc. says. Communication depends a lot on context. This allows users on both sides to get a solid gauge on what their offsite colleagues mean. Gestures, expressions and body language can tell you if your audience is receptive to your suggestions, bored or restless. Using video calls then eliminate much of the possible conflict and tension that could arise when people work together. Conflicts take time to resolve and that means time away from work. By ensuring better communication channels for your employees, you can improve working conditions to ensure little to zero productivity lags.

More Trust

It’s easier to trust people when you can see them. It’s also much easier to find out how to react to them when you see or hear them speak, rather than working with people who are nothing more than email addresses for you. Picking reliable tools like the BlueJeans video conferences software means your employees get to see and meet the people they’ve been emailing with. That creates a sense of trust that’s not easy to establish with emails and chats. More trust leads to better collaboration and productivity for your teams.

Deeper Engagement

If you have a remote team, one of the biggest challenges you face in managing one is the distance. With traditional office setups, it’s easy to pull everyone into a quick huddle to discuss updates, problems or issues. That’s not so easy to do, though, if your team is halfway across the world. That meant offsite employees typically got the news last. That kind of treatment could affect employee loyalty and lead to a disconnect. It’s the kind of disengagement that drives good employees away. Not to worry, though. These days, it’s easy enough to pull offsite employees into a quick meeting with your offsite team. With video conferencing features that allow for large group calls, you can update everyone in one go. That helps build better engagement with your offsite employees. You won’t have to worry about your best people resigning and leaving you in the lurch. After all, rehiring and retraining costs can take a chunk out of your bottom line. By keeping them engaged, they’re less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

Stay Competitive

A company is only as good as the team behind it. With employees well-versed in using current technologies, your company is in an ideal position to connect to your market. And because your team is up-to-date with better marketing practices, that means you can easily keep pace, if not outpace and outclass, your competition. By leaving your competition in the dust, you can connect to a larger market, improve your conversions and give your ROI a boost. If you want your company ahead, make sure your employees have the tools and systems they need. More than a cost-saving measure, it’s the kind of competitive advantage you’ll want in your corner any day.

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