What is going on in the UK?

Does free speech exist in the United Kingdom in 2018? How does someone get arrested, tried and sentenced to 13 months in prison in a single day? Does a judge have the power to order a media blackout on something? On anything? I’m completely shocked by what I’m watching.

I had no clue who Tommy Robinson is before this morning, so I don’t have any positive or negative opinion on him whatsoever. And it really doesn’t matter who he is, a saint or a criminal, everything else about what is transpiring right now in the UK bothers me.

What it seems I’m watching is someone silenced very swiftly, in a country that’s supposed to support free speech.  And the mainstream media is helping the matter by staying completely silent, as you have hundreds of protestors facing off with police right now in the streets.

Metro reported on the incident, calling the crowd “far-right” protestors.  How are these people far-right protestors?  Am I a far-right protestor if I believe in free speech?

Every journalist and media company in the free world should be outraged by these events today.

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