Writing Better Web Page Titles

For some writers, titles for their web content have been taken so lightly that they do not bother to give it much thought. Some writers just focus on writing the content and never bother with writing good titles for their articles. But in the field of writing for the World Wide Web, the title or headline has an added significance that may prove to be essential for the online content.

In writing for the Web, great titles are very essential in that they not only try to tell your readers about the main idea of ​​the article but also act as a label as to how you would like the search engines would like to categorize your article. In web writing, the writers not only aim to write content for the online reader but also to enable the search engines to determine the relevancy of the content.

In terms of writing for magazines and news, writers need only to create or write articles with its readers in mind. In the case of web writing, getting the attention of the search engines also comes into the equation. It is through the search engines that most online visitors go to in order to fine the information that they need.

These search engines try to find relevant information that becomes part of their search results presented as choices for online visitors. One of the many different ways that most search engines determine relevancy of certain web content is by checking its title.

In the way that search engines find relevancy in the millions of web content that become part of the results that they give out to online users, the title suddenly becomes a means that an online writer can use to somehow make every article more visible to search engines. They should not be written in the way employed in writing many a magazine or newspaper title or headline is being written.

First of all, titles for your web content should have a limit of words. This is because the search engines have an ideal length for titles that they are looking for. The maximum limit for titles should be at ten words. Less might be better since some search engines may consider fewer than ten words for their ideal title length.

When writing titles for content, it is important to think of them as a label that would allow search engines as well as online visitors to determine the relevancy of the whole article. In a sense, the title itself should provide the search engines and the online readers an initial brief description of what the content is all about. It should also be able to stand on its own in the sense that it would be able to give online readers a good idea of ​​what the whole content is all about.

Writing the titles in this manner makes it quite different in writing magazine or newspaper titles or headlines. The “smart” or journalistic approach to writing titles and headlines seldom is effective in web writing. Using iron or word plays for your titles and headlines would make it harder for search engines to get the point of the whole article and might become confused as to its relevance to certain categories. Appropriate, objective and well-thought out titles and headlines will do better.

Source by Nellie Graham

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