Yahoo Hires Josh Wolk as New Entertainment Editor

Josh Wolk, the entertainment editor for New York magazine’s has decided to take a position with Yahoo as executive editor of their showbiz coverage. Wolk is replacing Scott Robson. Robson was Yahoo’s editor-in-chief since July 2012. Before Yahoo, Robson worked for MTV.

Yahoo did not provide an explanation for Robson’s departure from the company. They only confirmed that Wolk had been hired to replace him. In addition to, Wolk had also worked at Time Inc.’s Entertainment Weekly.

This is just one of many changes Yahoo has experienced over the last couple years. In 2013, they hired Katie Couric to be their global news anchor, and David Pogue, to help increase their original written content. Prior to joining Yahoo, Pogue was a personal-tech columnist for the New York Times.

Other changes included the firing of Henrique de Castro, the chief operating officer, who was actually recruited by CEO, Marissa Meyer. De Castro had worked for Google before being swayed into joining Yahoo by Meyer. However, Meyer then fired de Castro. Mickie Rosen, the senior VP of Yahoo Media Network quit his job in July 2013, and Erin McPherson, the head of video, left Yahoo this past fall.

Things have been seemingly sporadic since Meyer become CEO of Yahoo. However, she is working to recreate Yahoo, which lacked an overall competitive edge among online news and entertainment sources. Yahoo also changed the name of their entertainment news site. Yahoo dropped the “omg!” and went with the simple title, “Yahoo Celebrity.”

There are so many different online sources for news and information these days, it is difficult for any one source to stand out among the rest. Although well known as a brand, Yahoo has struggled to stay competitive over the last few years. Meyer’s goal in making so many drastic changes is to make Yahoo a serious competitor with the top online news sources. However, many have questioned whether or not Meyer is trying to make too many changes too quickly.

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