Yet Another Source Predicting the Death of Email

The majority of online marketers still rely primarily on email marketing to reach their target audience. Email is still the primary marketing tool used across the board. Yet despite the overall success of email and the continued widespread use of email, there are regular predictions on the death of email.

This time the predictions are coming from Bloomberg Businessweek. They give three reasons why email is dead. Here are their reasons:

  1. The next generation of “millennials” avoids email because they think it is passé.
  2. Corporate users already spend an average of two hours a day responding to roughly 114 emails a day. They don’t have time to look at promotional emails, as well.
  3. Email is not social or collaborative, which is counter to the increase in social media.

While there may be some validity to these arguments, they hardly spell the death of email. Additionally, despite these assertions, email marketing is still going strong. Email inboxes have been overloaded with messages for years, and social media isn’t new either. If these factors were killing email marketing, there would be at least some sign of a slow down. Not only is email marketing not slowing down, it is still the strongest marketing tool available.

Email is the basis of everyone’s online identity. We need an email address to do online banking, create social media accounts, and set up our phones, cable, internet and more. While not everyone regularly checks their email, everyone who operates in minimally online requires an email address that they can receive messages at.

Email will never go away. While marketers may find a more effective way to sell to their intended audience, it will simple be a shift in activity. Additionally, there are no shifts in the works that have the potential to take over email marketing. Social media and other platforms for marketing do not offer the same conversion rates as email.

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