You CAN Succeed in Network Marketing

Succeeding in network marketing is a lot easier than most people think. It basically comes down to mind set. When you run your business it should be 90% mindset and 10% logistics. Unfortunately most people have this reversed and place most of their focus on the logistics, ie generating leads, calling back leads, making sure that their website looks just right, etc. Inevitably they end up frustrated, broke and then quit. It's important to the success of you network marketing business to get this right. Let's look at how this is done.

Start with a decision or goal. This is the most important part of your success. Saul said, "Where there is not vision, the people perish." This is also true for your business. If you do not have a vision your business will perish. Without a clear destination everything that comes after it will be ineffective. You have to make a decision that you are going to be wealthy and you have to clear on that decision. What is it that you want? When do you want it by? Why do you want it? What will you do with it once you have it? Most people that you speak with will have no idea where they see themselves financial in the next 6-12 months and so it should not be a surprise that they have no idea how to get there because they lack a destination. Go ahead and try it. Talk to 10 people and ask them where they see themselves financially in 6 months. This is the exact reason why 97% of all people stay in the same cycle of mediocrity.

Once your goal is defined write it out and commit yourself to achieve it at all costs. My darkest days as an entrepreneur are still better than my best day as an employee. Get a goal contract and contractually bind yourself to that goal. The second that you become clear on your decision your sponsoring will take on a whole new life. People do not get started with you because of where you have been but more importantly where you are going. Once you define your goal you will also be identifying who your associates will be. You do not want to sponsor people who are not clear on their goals and who need constant motivation to keep going. Your time should be one of your most precious assets and associates who need constant attention and motivation will capitalize your time and drain your energy. If you have sponsored people like this in the past than you know exactly what this means.

Once you recognize your goal and have it specified and written out you have to attach the emotion to your goal as if you have already achieved it. This is the famous adage, "Be Do Have". If you want to be a great leader than you need to act like a great leader. If you want to be a millionaire than you need to act like a millionaire. Remember that people do not get started because of where you have been but where you are going. When your emotion is attached your prospects will feel the emotion and naturally follow.

Source by Kyle Clouse

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